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Intelligent Architecture born with the aim of incorporating the architecture Argentina rational evolution of technology that is now in full swing in first world countries such as USA, Australia, China, Japan and most European countries, among others.

Intelligent Architecture is a venture Fernandez Prieto group, which has developed over 1,000,000 m2 in Argentina and perceived the need for its customers to have a comprehensive service comprande from the development of a project the delivery of complex and built to different users.

The service has advanced marketing techniques housing, ranging from the gestation of marketing the product according to the impact study in the area required, sold it with a series of added values ​​that make in a premium product line (ABC1) .Intelligent Architecture invest and work day after day in search of smart and functional housing solutions that enable clients to get the best product at the lowest possible costs, which result in a resounding success reflected in sales and the satisfaction of buyers.

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